Real County, Texas, is in the middle of the “path of totality” for the Annular Solar Eclipse occurring October 14, 2023, and the Total Solar Eclipse on April 8, 2024. The “path of totality” is the area where the eclipse is best viewed. The two eclipses crossing paths in our area is a once in a 375-year event, not to be missed!

Check back to for more information on:

  • lodging
  • travel and parking
  • restaurants and grocery stores
  • eclipse timeline details and calendar of events
  • “TheRealEclipse” merchandise

While we prepare our Real Eclipse website for this once in a lifetime hill country opportunity, feel free to visit the great resources on the Hill Country Alliance eclipse portal to learn more about the 2023 and 2024 eclipses.

Click for information on the 2024 national eclipse.

CLICK HERE for an interactive map of the eclipse paths in Texas!

The Eclipse Planning Task Force for Real County's goal is to encourage preparation, offer suggestions, and assist with sharing ideas for the upcoming eclipses.

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